Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all our First Aid courses include HLTAID009 CPR. 

No there is no refund as we will send your kit very quickly after receiving your booking, we prefer you not to book if you have doubts of completing.

We have provided an initial quiz for you to complete before you book any of our classes for the first time.

This option has been designed for people that cannot access Accredited First Aid/CPR training. We are not after mass market participants.  

Because you are enroling in a Nationally accredited class. We need to verify the same person that enrolled is the same person completing the practical elements.
Your ID is kept for 24 months on our system for audit purposes and then we will delete both your ID and practical files.

Yes, there is an administration fee to transfer you to a new class date.

Please book a class later rather than earlier if you think you may not complete. 

We recommend you use a PC or newish Tablet so you have a larger screen to view your online work. A mobile phone will be annoying as the content will not fit well on your phone. If you don’t have access to a large screen device this may not be the right option for you
You can use your smart phone to record your practical tasks. You will need to be able to transfer your video file from your mobile to your computer.
We recommend you complete our online questions before you book a course.

We recommend 4 – 5 weeks. Whilst we post the kits out the next business day, we can’t control delays with the postal service.

You will receive a First Aid kit, which includes a mannequin. We have one kit designed for both CPR only and First Aid. This is to allow you to do First Aid when required, without having to buy another kit.  

Yes, we encourage you to repack your kit, then when you require a refresher, you will not be charged for a kit. Most of the cost is in the kit and postage.

Yes, all our certificates issued are nationally accredited. You must complete all the online work and demonstrate practical assessments to be deemed competent. 

Yes, all our assessors/trainers are qualified and have real world experience in lifesaving roles such as lifesavers, paramedics or industry.

You will have to enrol online again, and complete again. Your assessor will give you a chance to complete your practical, however this must be completed within 24 hrs of the notice. If we don’t hear from you, you will have to start again.

To register for a USI go to USI.gov.


If you have lost your USI, you can retrieve it via USI.gov. This doesn’t take long.

If you have changed your name your USI must be updated via USI.gov. Our system checks USI.gov system to validate.

You may have entered your DOB incorrectly.

You might be using a nick name for your first name instead of your formal name registered with USI. eg. Ben = Benjamin or Liz = Elizabeth.

You can update your details on the enrolment form. Once your USI has been validate you cannot change your name or DOB.

Direct link to update your name on USI.gov

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